Safe, Swift and Secure

The Fedora platform provides the means for all coins and tokens to transact easily and safely.  Our contemporary solution design has been engineered from the ground up to mitigate the risks and concerns prevalent with legacy cryptocurrencies.

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Using Fedora Coin

Transact with peace of mind.  Our foundation project has re-engineered the Fedora wallet to provide an efficient and secure set of Tips use cases. Our ongoing work can be found on the newly developed Fedora Roadmap, just released this March 18th!
Fedora Tips was designed to handle small value transactions.  With high network speeds, low transaction costs, and an ultra-secure wallet, Fedora is the go-to network for small transaction commerce.
Tips is an original tipping medium.  Integration with standard social channels is straightforward, see our user guides for how to start rewarding & reaping the benefits of an active social network.
Moving money across borders relies on security and speed.  Using the secure & robust Fedora wallet gives you the surety that your international payments will reach their destination safely and on time.
The Fedora protocol is based on the Proof of Work (POW) algorithm, long recognised as a leading mechanism for a store of value.  With a wallet providing protections enjoyed by leading crypto networks, Fedora brings exceptional user experience to the crypto space.


We wanted all users to feel comfortable and confident when transacting and storing their Tips.  That’s why we decided to completely rebuild the Fedora wallet from the ground up, until our development community were assured that we had a solid, robust product.  We all use it and we stand by our work.

Learn more about our architecture.


The Fedora wallet has been re-engineered to incorporate the latest libraries and security features. This addressed the concerns that are often found with many legacy wallets.

Get the latest Fedora wallet now:  Windows    Linux 


Where to Buy Tips

You can securely buy and trade Fedora Tips at several longstanding exchanges and 

With a renewed Fedora tech platform and a growing community, we are now able to reach out to additional exchanges. Please contact us through our social channels if there is an exchange you would like to see Tips traded on. 





Get Involved

Please join us!  Our community welcomes meaningful contribution from enthusiasts, engineers, analysts and designers.

We are active across all standard social channels.  Our open forums are friendly and well moderated.


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